COMMENT ON Vermont Yankee owner: ‘Expect workforce reductions’:  “Asking fewer people to do more work will inevitably impact both reliability and safety,” said Raymond Shadis, New England Coalition Technical Advisor. “ Vermont Yankee is already hurting because revenue from electricity sales barely meets O&M.  It is clear that Entergy is desperately seeking a way to make its older, smaller nuclear plants pay but devoting fewer resources to inspection and maintenance is exactly what brought down and ultimately closed VY’s sister plants – Connecticut Yankee and Maine Yankee. Workforce reduction, by-the-way, is not something Entergy brought to the attention of the Vermont Public Service Board in recent hearings on a company proposal to extend operation of Vermont Yankee another twenty years. Really the right, graceful thing to do, would be to shutdown now before they break something and ruin both a lot of people’s lives and the tri-state area environment.”

Vermont Yankee owner: ‘Expect workforce reductions’
by Andrew Stein | July 18, 2013

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