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Brattleboro, VT   Jan. 9, 2013  6:08 p.m.
Federal Courts Rebuffs Entergy’s Request to Muzzle Opponents
Vermont Federal District Court Judge  Murtha denied Entergy’s motion for an injunction  that would have barred New England Coalition from bringing an enforcement request to the Vermont Supreme Court. NEC is requesting VT Supreme Court enforcement of a condition in a 2002 Vermont Public Service Board Order requiring Entergy Vermont Yankee to have a new Certificate of Public Good before operating beyond 2012. Please  see  the  following  ORDER which nicely lays out an abbreviated history of New England Coalition’s request for enforcement and the Coalition’s  successful arguments fending off  Entergy’s attempt to block bringing the matter to Vermont’s highest court.
“We are pleased that the District Court has ruled that NEC may continue to seek enforcement of the Public Service Board’s Orders in the Vermont Supreme Court” said Jared Margolis, NEC’s attorney in these proceedings.  This latest attempt by Entergy to deny the ability of the State to enforce its orders is indicative of the lengths Entergy will go to avoid having to comply with the commitments it has made to Vermont, and NEC is optimistic that the Vermont Supreme Court will take appropriate action and enjoin further operation of the plant pending the Board’s review of Entergy’s CPG application.”

“Federal courts may enjoin state courts from acting only in the most extreme and rare circumstances” said NEC advisor, Raymond Shadis “but attempting to stop citizens from asking for a court’s consideration of an issue is an almost unheard of insult to citizen’s and state’s rights. We hope this federal rebuff will serve Entergy as an inoculation of anti-arrogance serum, but we suspect that booster shots will be needed before Vermont Yankee is history and we can move to the details of decommissioning.”
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Vermont Federal District Court Judge Murtha’sdecision  Fed Judge: Entergy DENIED.
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