A brief note to all from Gary Sachs,  member coordinator for New England Coalition.
Truth be told, had it not been for NEC, the state would have had nearly no control on the currently rogue nuclear reactor within its borders. NEC fought to maintain local control over the reactor at the time of the sale in 2002, and the state Department of Public Service made sure the NEC concerns became law when the Memorandum of Understanding approving the sale was mandated as part of the sale record.
This is a crucial time for NEC. We have never been closer to Vermont Yankee shutdown.
NEC is engaged in two cases before the Public Service Board, one case at the VT Supreme Court, as well as our amicus brief supporting the state to not limit the concerns of our legislators (appealing the narrow Murtha ruling in Federal district court from January, 2012).
For the past 11 years, I have been an unaffiliated activist who follows Vermont Yankee and atomic issues closely and has written frequently on the issue. I attended most public hearings of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Vermont, VT State Nuclear Advisory Panel meetings, and Vermont Public Service Board pubic and technical hearings. While I am somewhat educated on VT Yankee issues, as a member coordinator, I am learning about fund raising.
42 years is a long and proud record for a pro-safe energy organization. Under the original guidance of Larry Bogart, Tony Roisman Esq., Esther Poneck, Diana Sidebotham,  and many others the NEC has sustained itself. Now with the help of Raymond Shadis (technical advisor), Clay Turnbull (office wizard), Dave Pyles (support), Jared Margolis & Brice Simon with their legal skills, and our committed Board of Directors, may we proceed to shut Vermont Yankee and see to its prompt decommissioning.
NEC appreciates the generosity of our donors and supporters, and we thank you for the many ways you contribute to our work
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