Get a good look at each of these closed Yankee nuclear facilities – each decontaminated and decommissioned leaving the high level radioactive waste fuel rods at the sites for the next 50, 100, or more years.

 Spent Fuel Status

Connecticut Yankee, Maine Yankee, and Yankee Rowe are the Yankee Companies.These former nuclear

Connecticut Yankee ISFSI – dry casks of high level nuclear waste

power plants are now fully decommissioned. Their primary function is to safely and securely store spent nuclear fuel and Greater than Class C (GTCC) waste produced during plant operations, until the federal government fulfills its obligation to remove this material from the three sites. The spent nuclear fuel and GTCC waste is stored and secured in accordance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing requirements at each site’s Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI). Each ISFSI is staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. More information about each site, as well as contact information for ISFSI managers, is available by clicking on the individual web pages.

Maine Yankee ISFSI – high level radioactive nuclear waste fuel rods are inside sealed metal canisters that are covered with two foot thick concrete shells.


Video showing loading of dry casks.  Highly recommended for beginner learners of this subject.

Yankee Rowe ISFSI



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