Dear Friends of Vermont, Friends of New England

 If you haven't been to one of these federal "Pave the Path Forward for Nuclear" meetings yet...This is a good place to start...if you can make it in the middle of a weekday/workday. If you can't , well then Twitter away. My impression is that the President's Blue Ribbon Commission  initiative has been on tracks from the get other words the nation is headed toward interim regional nuclear waste storage  because

 (A)It will relieve the industry and

(B) It is the most comfortable solution for elected officials and policy wonks who would rather just kick the can down the road,

(C) Start-up and ongoing costs can be foisted off on succeeding generations of tax and ratepayers


Join us in Cambridge on the 10th if you are able and see what you think.


Raymond Shadis
Consulting Technical Advisor
New England Coalition

Identifying a Path Forward on America's Nuclear Waste

When:    Tuesday, June 10  1:00PM-3:15PM ET
Where:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

REGISTER HERE  Invitation transferable.


Featuring members of BPC's Nuclear Waste Advisory Council:

The Honorable Dennis Hastert
Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Peter Bradford
Adjunct Professor, Vermont Law School
Former Commissioner, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

David Wright
Former Chairman, South Carolina Public Service Commission

Other speakers include:

Sarah Hoffman  Executive Director, New England Conference of Public Utilities Commissioners

Mary Lampert  Executive Director, Pilgrim Watch

Dr. Richard Lester  Head of the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wayne Norton
President and CEO, Yankee Atomic Electric Company

Cort Richardson
Former Director, Council of State Governments - Eastern Regional Conference
Northeast High-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation Project


Join the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) for a discussion with several nuclear experts and interested stakeholders to identify the barriers prohibiting movement on nuclear waste and the measures to remove or reduce those barriers.
This is the first event as part of BPC's initiative, America's Nuclear Future: Taking Action to Address Nuclear Waste.
Join the discussion on Twitter, using @BPC_Bipartisan #BPCenergy.

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